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We work with you one-on-one to come up with a unique floor-plan for your Tiny Home.


Our 3D Design services include:

+ Floor-plan arrangements

+ Digital Sketching

 + BluePrints

 + Architectural Services

 + Code Planning

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Site Plan services include:

+ Land Use Planning

+ Zoning and Code

+ Topography

+ Aerial Mapping

+ Power & Water Supply

+ Drainage and Septic

+ Foundation Setup


We make our Tiny Home construction process as easy as possible. We First start with the 3D Design Program, then we use that design to price out your build. 

Once your 3D Design Program is done, your deposit is placed, we use that to order the initial materials that we will use for your home. Our typical build timeline is 90 days. Some Custom Homes may take longer, if they have a variety of custom features or design changes made throughout the course of the build.


Q. Are your Tiny Homes able to be RVIA Certified?

A.​​ Yes of course. All our homes come with this option.

Q. What if I want my Tiny Home on a foundation?

A. No problem. There is some additional engineering work that will need to happen first, which we are happy to help with.


Q. How long does it take to build a tiny home?
A. 90 days for our Pre-designed homes, 4-6 weeks longer for Custom Projects.

Q. Do you ship your tiny homes throughout the US and Hawaii?
A. Yes we deliver anywhere within the lower 48 states AND we ship to Hawaii.
Q. Can I see your tiny home floor plans, view your models in person, and get a quote?
A. Yes! Please fill out our Buyers Application (above) OR make your deposit first, then we can connect with you!

Q. Are your tiny homes quality built?
A. Yes! we engineer each home specifically to the customers needs. Some homes we use steel framing to make them lighter, some homes we use Stucco and fireproof roofing and siding to better protect the homes against natural elements. We build these homes just like we would build them on a foundation.

Q. Can I modify your pre-built tiny homes or customize my appliances and finishes?
A. Yes absolutely.

Q. How big can you build a tiny home?
A. We typically build Tiny Homes between 16ft- 32ft long, and between 8-10 feet wide, always designed on our Custom Built Trailers. We also do multi-home floor-plans and shipping container additions to maximize on square footage.

Q. What is the cost of a tiny home?
A. It varies depending on how the home is finished. A rough formula for figuring out the cost is to multiply the length of the home by $3000. Example : 20ft Tiny Home X $3K per foot = $60,000.00 cost to finish. (Trailer not included in formula)

For a shell, use the same equation, but only estimate $1500 per foot in length. Ex: 20 ft Shell = $30,000 (Trailer not included)

Q. What are my tiny home financing options?
A. The best way to finance a tiny home is always cash. We require a 50% downpayment to start any new construction project.

Traditional bank loans, personal loans, & RV loans are the most common loans we see. *If you need help obtaining financing, please let us know during your 3D Design Program so we can help you put together a finance plan.

Do you build custom homes that arent on the website?

Yes absolutely. First you must fill our our Buyers Application below. Then we can have the appropriate team member call you.

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